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Secure Anonymous Surfing  

PGP Secure Email

AnonymousSpeech.com offers secure encrypted email (OpenPGP Standard) over SLL without any installed programs on your PC. We do all the complicated work for you in the background as your "trusted man in the middle".  

What is PGP Secure Email

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a de-facto encoding standard for secure E-Mail communication, which works by the public-key (open-key) procedure: In order to send messages, they are keyed with the corresponding open key and the addressee. The addressee can then decipher the message with the secret key.

If you are new to PGP please read this introduction about PGP. PGP can be very confusing for new user. For any questions you may have, our support team is happy to assist you. A more detailed whitepaper about PGP can be found here.

How does PGP works at AnonymousSpeech.com?

The implemented PGP secure email module at AnonymousSpeech.com comes in two versions.
  • Version1: Standard PGP secure email with existing public keys

    This is the standard version of PGP which requires  a public key in order to encrypt a message for an email recipient.
    You need to have a certain knowledge about PGP encryption.  If your email recipient does not have any public keys, you wont be able to send PGP secured emails. Use Version 2 instead.

  • Version 2: PGP Secured Pickup Messages (Escrow Encryption)

    The encryption service at AnonymousSpeech.com avoids the impediments of S/MIME and PGP encryption while providing complete security and anonymity. There is only a minimal  learning curve because all encryption/decryption is integrated in our existing anonymous email service. Any one who is concerned about security but doesn't know how to set it up can use escrow encryption as easily as they use web mail. In addition, it can communicate securely with anyone who has an internet connection.

    Here is how it works:

    1) The sender connects to his/her AnonymousSpeech.com account via SSL connection.

    2) The sender creates a message.

    3) The message sender makes a secret question and answer for the recipient. The recipient only knows the answer to the question.

    4) AnonymousSpeech.com encrypts the message and stores it on its server. (fully encrypted) 

    5) AnonymousSpeech.com sends a plain text message to the recipient that contains a secure link back to our web portal, and a unique message password that is part of the encryption key. AnonymousSpeech.com does not store this password which means AnonymousSpeech.com can not decrypt the message until it gets the password back from the recipient.

    6) The recipient connects to AnonymousSpeech.com over a secure SSL connection and logs in with the message password.

    7) AnonymousSpeech.com asks the recipient the secret question. If answered correctly AnonymousSpeech.com decrypts the message and presents it to the recipient.

How does anonymous email differ from PGP secure email?

While PGP secure email is still anonymous when send over AnonymousSpeech.com, PGP secure email enables you to encrypt your emails before they are sent.

In Version 2 (see above) the main message is not anymore part of the email, instead the message is now stored on our server as an encrypted file, completely unreadable, including anybody with physical access to AnonymousSpeech.com (Administrator, Manager and Staff). Only you and the person with the correct password-answer can unlock and read the message. 

Is PGP secure email still anonymous?

Absolutely! The email senders IP address as well as the account pseudonym never show in your email messages.

Who uses anonymous PGP secured email?

There are five main user groups for PGP secured email.

Group 1: Both, the sender and receiver know each other but do not whish to use their own private email accounts being involved. Instead they communicate through a trusted middle man.

Group 2: Both, the sender and receiver know each other but have no knowledge about how to send and receive encrypted email with PGP and S/MIME.

Group 3: The sender and receiver do not know each other personally but the receiver is expecting a message from "someone". This "Mr. Someone" (the sender) does not want to identify herself to the receiver and want the message stored as encrypted file

Group 4: The receiver is not expecting any email  messages at all. The sender does not want to send the message directly placed on the receivers email account, instead the sender wants the message stored encrypted on the middle mans server.

Group 5: Both, the sender and receiver have an account at AnonymousSpeech.com and want to send each other encrypted PGP secure emails.

When should I not use encrypted secure email?

If the content of your email is not highly confidential then you do not need to use encrypted secure email. Instead send it via standard anonymous email.

In case the receiver is not expecting any emails from you, the receiver might trash the notification email immediately.