WE ARE CLOSED!!!!!! Backup Only until September 30th     

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Secure Anonymous Surfing  

AnonymousSpeech.com is closed!!!!!

Dear valued customer

We would like to inform you about the closure of AnonymousSpeech.com and all its related services.

After 25 years of serving the anonymous community on the Internet we made the decision of closing AnonymousSpeech.com for good.

Thank you for your support all these years, thank you for being a loyal customer also when we had our network outages or significant downtimes when we had to move servers to different data centers during the years.

Please follow the instructions to below for email, domain or hosting.

Support has ended! The site will be online until 30th of September. You wont be able to send or receive any emails.

Take your backup not later than 30th of September.


Email Memberships

Email Offline Date:     31 August 2021 (email account will be switched offline)
Deadline Date:            30 September 2021 (email account will be deleted completely, NO BACKUP)

Please backup your emails by the end of the "Email Offline Date" INBOX and SENT FOLDER emails do have a backup function where you can download all emails via a ZIP file. Files in the FILE FOLDER must be downloaded.

Your email account will be switched offline once the "Email Offline Date" has been reached . You wont be able to send or receive emails.

Once the "Deadline Date" has been reached, all email accounts will be terminated and deleted from our server. There will be no backup taken. 


Domain Offline Date:  1 June 2021 (domain will be switched offline)
Deadline Date:            30 September 2021

Please transfer your domain out to a new domain registar of your choice. We recommend you using https://www.hover.com/transfer-in

Domains which have not been claimed by the end of the "Domain Offline Date" will expire normally on their individual expiry date.

Domain names are not refundable.

After the deadline date there will no support anymore from our side, so please make sure you act as soon as possible.


Hosting Offline Date:  30 June 2021 (hosting will be switched offline)
Deadline Date:            30 September 2021 (hosting will be completely deleted from our servers, NO BACKUPS)

The most simple solution for you is to open an account with shinjiru.com. Once you have created your account with Shinijru.com please let us know your username (Shinjiru.com). We will then move your hosting to this provider free of cost. Any time left on your hosting membership will be credited over to Shiniuru.com .

Do not sign up with any email address from anonymousspeech.com at Shinjiru.com since you wont be able to access any emails in the future.

In case you want to move to a different hosting provider of your choice you will need to backup and migrate by yourself to your new hosting provider.

Hostings are not refundable.

For any questions, please reach us via our contact form.