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Secure Anonymous Surfing  

Anonymous Web

Welcome to the Anonymous Web Guide at AnonymousSpeech.com.

In this little tutorial we are going to discuss different aspects of anonymity on the Internet such as anonymous domains, anonymous email, etc.

How secure and anonymous are these systems, what are the pitfalls and shortcomings. Can they be trusted?

You are going to find out that many anonymous products and services on the Internet do not meet a certain level of anonymity to be called truly anonymous.


We Guarantee 100% Anonymity

Many Internet users beleive if they purchase anonymity products such as anonymous surfing, they stay 100% anonymous without leaving any trace to their local PC.

This is absolutely wrong!

Any kind of communication such as browsing, sending and receiving email, blogging, etc. leaves traces which can be traced back to its originator.

Information travels through many 3rd party networks until they reach their destination. Technically there is absolutely not anonymity between two connected networks otherwise these networks would not know where to send and return their data streams.

The key point to keep your privacy anonymous is to make it as difficult as possible to trace back this data stream.

The more obstacles you but between you and the receiver the more difficult it gets to trace information back to the originator.

Here are the obstacles you can use:

  • SSL Access
  • Anonymous Proxy Servers
  • Offshore Products
  • Offshore Laws
  • Anonymous Domains/ Hosting / Email

We are now going to examining each listed point above and teach you what you have to look for when using these types of anonymous services.


SSL Encryption

You probably have used SSL already a thousand times without knowing it.

SSL encrypts all information including passwords between your browser and the website you are accessing.

SSL itself does not assure anonymity between two communication points but it protects the content you are sending on the Internet. No 3rd party Network in between can see the content of data sent.

If you choose to subscribe at a website always make sure you can access it via SSL.

SSL always starts with https://

Don't do business with sites they do not support SSL!


Anonymous Proxy Server

Anonymous Proxy Servers are used for anonymous surfing. From a technical point of view Anonymous Proxy Servers are not anonymous at all. It is just another network point between you and the website you are visiting.

The word "Anonymous" is just a guarantee that no information is disclosed when somebody (Governments, Private Investigators, etc.) would demand it.

Always make sure you use a offshore Anonymous Proxy Server which can handle SSL connection.

Hands away from "free anonymous surfing" sites. Many times they spy your all your user logins and passwords from all the websites you are accessing. We recommend you not to use ANY anonymous proxy server when accessing bank accounts or use your credit card for your online purchases. 

Read more here about anonymous surfing.


Offshore Companies

By choosing an offshore product you add an additional security and anonymity layer to protect your privacy.

You can add additional complexity if you are going choose a provider which speaks a different language. Japanese, Chinese, Russian.

If you live in the USA and choose an anonymity product from Canada isn't offshore enough.

Always make sure that not only their servers are located offshore but also the entire company. What sense does it make if your hosting is located offshore but you registered with a local provider or local reseller?  They will come after the local company who sold you the anonymous hosting/domain/email product.

Hands away from Non-Offshore Products!


Offshore Law

Offshore companies do not only add the complexity of a language and communication but also let you operate in a different jurisdiction under different laws.

While any Non-Offshore company must follow a court order, offshore companies are not forced to follow any foreign court orders at any time.

This doesn't mean you stay above the law but you certainly can stand next to it!

Many renomated companies use independent offshore agencies in order to do legal business offshore.

Did you know that...

Make use of offshore anonymity provider but make sure that your business is legal over there.


Anonymous Domain & Anonymous Email 

The word "anonymous" as discussed above is foremost a guarantee that under no circumstances information is disclosed to any one.

An inland anonymous domain/ email  provider can not protect your anonymity. As soon they receive a court order your anonymity is gone. Its again the Offshore account who saves you a lot of trouble!

We personally had a lot of trouble with GoDaddy's private registration service. They forwarded our contact information to US authorities.

If you already own a domain and want to transfer it to an anonymous domain registrar you are a bit out of luck since the existing information such as address and phone number are not overwritten at the WHOIS database. The new registrar will show up when doing a WHOIS database scan. But for a few Dollars, History data can be optained.


Anonymous Web Conclusion

Using the Internet, you never will be able to protect your privacy 100%. But by choosing your provider wisely you can achive enough privacy to protect yourself from spying investigators and even from governments.

Go offshore, use SSL und choose a jurisdiction which protects your business.

Always research your new anonymity provider thoroughly. Do not just follow the first five Google links!. You might find things like this:


For any questions about this Anonymous Web article, please contact us here