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Secure Anonymous Surfing  


Anonymous Surfing

Many subscribers have asked us if there is a way to connect anonymously to AnonymousSpeech.com from their ISP(Internet Service Provider). In other words, the ISP (the subscribers private ISP) should not be aware that a subscriber is accessing www.anonymousSpeech.com.

Types of Anonymous Surfing

There are three main types of anonymous surfing available. Each one comes with its advandages and disadvantages.
  • Anonymous VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Anonymous Client
  • Traditional Anonymous Surfing

Anonymous VPN Surfing

Anonymous VPN surfing is the most advanced technology when surfing the Internet anonymously. Other than standard anonymous surfing clients, you do not connect via a browser interface but with a remote connection to another PC in the net. It’s like you would access somebody else’s computer.

The remote connection is SSL secured, which means that your ISP can not spy on you which websites you access.

One of the big advantage is that you wont have any problems with Internet pages using, WEB 2.0, Javascript and SSL encryption.

We recommend SecureAnonymousSurfing.com for VPN surfing.

Advantages:Professional, decent speed, works with all websites including WEB 2.0 pages
Disadvantages: slightly more expensive

Anonymous Surfing via Client Application

In this approach, you have to download and install first a client application like Anonymizer.com. The client application sits above your browser and redirects all URL to an anonymous proxy server in the net.

Your web browser talks to the anonymous proxy server, and the anonymous proxy server talks to the web site you want to access.

Anonymous surfing via a client applications are SSL secured, so you provider in between does not know which pages you are accessing. Unfortunatelly those clients seem to have a lot of problems with WEB 2.0 pages. Before you buy it, make sure you download a trial version and check if the client works for you.

Advandates: Professional, decent speed
Disadvantages: problems with WEB 2.0 sites

Standard Anonymous Surfing

This is the old school of anonymous surfing like it existed in the early times of the Internet. You normally connect to a website, where you enter the destination URL you want to access. Most of these standard anonymous surfing providers do not support SLL, have problems with Javascript and do not support WEB 2.0 sites at all.

Be aware that many free standard anonymous surfing provider cspy on passwords and usernames. They are incredible slow too.

AnonymousSpeech.com does not recommend you to use any free anonymous surfing products at any time! Always make sure you know who you are dealing with.

Advantages: free
Disadvantages: incredible slow, do not work with WEB 2.0, and Javascript enabled sites, no SSL, no security, pseudo anonymity.


As with anonymous email providers, you should choose an anonymous surfing provider you can trust. There are plenty of free anonymous proxy servers out there you can use for anonymous surfing. Before you buy any paid service for anonymous surfing make sure you can access and use all functions at AnonymousSpeech.com. Most "free version" won't work. 

AnonymousSpeech.com recommends SecureAnonymousSurfing.com, which works with all our services at AnonymousSpeech.com, including our WEB 2.0 features.

Anonymous Surfing Products

We recommend our customer SecureAnonymousSurfing.com to secure their entire Internet connection. Including Email, FTP, Chat, etc.)

anonymous surfing vpn
  • Protects you and your family from identity theft.
  • Keeps your IP address (and your identity) hidden.
  • Encrypts your entire Internet connection.
  • Secures the data you send over a wireless network.
  • Works flawlessly with all browsers including WEB 2.0

    Anonymous Surfing 

    Tested and Recommended by AnonymousSpeech.com




  • Protects you and your family from identity theft.
  • Keeps your IP address (and your identity) hidden.
  • Warns you before visiting phishing, pharming, & spyware sites.
  • Secures the data you send over a wireless network.

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  • True VPN Anonymous Surfing
  • Germany Based
  • Recommended by AnonymousSpeech.com

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