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Anonymous Payment

Our anonymous payment interface for cash payments is handled via Switzerland  and  our Swiss banking connection. The swiss banking and privacy law have several security advandages which protects our customers privacy.

Subscribers may send an anonymous payment by cash or bank transfer denominated in  to our anonymous bank account in Switzerland.  

Please note that we do not accept  US Postal Money Order or any type of checks.

AnonymousSpeech.com recommends Bitcoin payments. If you do not have Bitcoins yet you can purchase them here. We also offer an additional 5% discount for all payments done in Bitcoin.

Once you are using Bitcoin we guarantee you will love it! Fast, secure, and no fees at all. We know that it takes time for this mindshift for each and one of our customers, but once you have done it you do not want to switch back, ever!!!

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Cash Payment   MoneyGram Bitcoin (5% additional Discount)

Cash payments have been discontinued. Do not send cash to any old postal address you may have stored back in the past.




We are unable to process  MoneyGram payments.

Do not send MoneyGram /Western Union payments!

We recommend you using Bitcoins instead.

Bitcoin Manual Payment

Once you sent your Bitcoin payment you MUST contact us with

1) Your login account
2) Product and duration
3) Transaction ID (Hash Code)
4) Bitcoin Amount

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