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SSL Overview

Our SSL certificate is ideal to provide you with the essential encryption capabilities you need to be able to encrypt the data your customers want to send to you between your web server and your customer's web browser.

Important! You only can order a SSL Certificate if you also host with us. If you host with another hosting provider you can not purchase our anonymous SSL Certificate.

Provider: COMODO
Features: Positive SSL
1 Year (Euro): 79.95 Euro
SSL Encryption: 128/256 bit
Verification: Email
Issuing Time: Immediate
Domain: Single

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Is this a shared SSL Certificate with a shared IP address?
Q: No, this is your private SSL certificate. If you are on a shared hosting contract, we will give you a dedicated IP address for free.

Q: Do I get both,  https://www.mydomain.com and https://mydomain.com in one certificate?
A: Yes! While other SSL registrars charge you twice for each certificate, we register both certificates for you.

Q:  Do I need to provide my private address in order to get an SSL certificate ?
A: No, the certificate is does not need a correct address or name in order to be approved. Only an easy email confirmation is needed. SSL certificates with address confimation are more expensive and do not make sense if you want to be anonymous.

Q: How do I confirm a SSL certificate?
A: The SSL  registrar will send you an email to admin@yourDomain.com.  Make sure you create the admin email address and have access to it. Once you confirmed your email address you will receive the certificate. Make sure you forward us the certificate so we can install it.

Q: Do you support other SSL certificates.
A: No. Other certificates requiere more private information such as name and address. Since we provide an exclusive anonymous service, these certificates do not make for our business.

Do you have more questions? Please contact us or check our forums.