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Anonymous Hoting FAQ - Presales Questions
Q 01. Where are your servers located ?
Q 02. What servers do you use?
Q 03. What is the connection speed to the Internet?
Q 04. What is the Acceptable User Policy (AUP) ?
Q 05. Does AnonymousSpeech.com provides offshore dedicated servers?
Q 05. How does AnonymousSpeech.com protects its customers?
Q 06. What payment methods does AnonymousSpeech.com accept ?
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Q 01Where are your servers located ?
A 01
Our servers are located in datacenter in Malaysia without any ties to the US or the EU.
Q 02What servers do you use?
A 02
We use "state of the art" INTEL Pentium Celeron, IV and Xeon servers. Each part of the servers are of the best quality. Even the server casing is INTEL certified with ISO9002 power supply. You are guaranteed 100% by the hardware reliability.
Q 03What is the connection speed to the Internet?
A 03
1GB Backbone connection to international links. Multiple uplinks with 100 mbps throughput in data centers. Network bandwidth is uncapped and has unlimited burstible capability.
Q 04What is the Acceptable User Policy (AUP)
A 04Click here to view AnonymousSpeech.com's AUP
Q 05 Does AnonymousSpeech.com provide anonymous dedicated servers ?
A 05
Yes,  AnonymousSpeech.com  provides anonymous dedicated servers. We do not request for any information from customers. Customers can remain anonymous while payment can be done via E Gold or cash payment. Feel safe to host with us.
Q 06How does AnonymousSpeech.com protects its customers ?
A 06
AnonymousSpeech.com is committed to protect its customers at all cost. Through our vast experience, we have encountered many demands and lawsuits to shutdown our customer's servers and demand to release our customer private data. None of these requests is complied because AnonymousSpeech.com an offshore company which do not need to comply to any governments' rules and regulation except for Malaysia Rules and Regulation. You are protected 100% all the time.
Q 07What payment methods does AnonymousSpeech.com accept ?
A 07
AnonymousSpeech.com accepts wired transfer, cash, credit card, Paypal and E GOLD. We do not accept US Postal Money Order.