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About Anonymous Hosting

Welcome to one of the worlds leading secure anonymous hosting provider.

Host your website completely anonymous in our offshore located facility in Malaysia.

Enjoy enhanced security and privacy in a jurisdiction with superior privacy laws in place!

Unlike other "anonymous hosting providers" we are located 100% outside the US and EU,  which means that we do not have to respond to any subpoena (court order) from the US and EU at any time!

We host over 2000 anonymous websites for private and business customers in different categories like politics, finance, free speech and many more.

If you are in need of a high quality anonymous hosting company, please make use of our anonymity services.

For any questions you may have please access our help files under Anonymous Hosting FAQ, Anonymous Hosting Forum, Anonymous Hosting Terms or contact us.


Free AnonymousSpeech.com Membership

As long you host your website with us, we give you our anonymous email package for free.



Please note that our legal advantage is not a free ticket for any illegal activities on our servers. Do not apply if the content of your website contains 
  • Child Pornography
  • Organized Crimes
  • Spam
  • Copyrighted Content