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Secure Anonymous Surfing  

How to Test Anonymous Email

Do not send test emails to your private email address!

We have seen many customers testing our services with their own private email address. This is a bad practice since it unveils your identity towards the receiving-email domain provider. This is especially true for customers using public email providers like Yahoo, Hotmail, GMX, Google or AOL.

Real World Example:

You just signed-up at anonymousspeech.com and now testing the service to find out if it fits your needs. In 99% of all cases you will send send yourself a test emai with the subject "test" and set your private email address as the receiver email address.

Sender Address: anonymous.123452@anonymousspeech.com
Receiver Address: bob.buffalo@yahoo.com (your private email address)

You just unveiled the fact  that you are sending an email from a specific anonymous.123452@anonymousspeech.com to your private email provider.

Why is that bad?
Please remember, anybody can issue a subpeona to your email provider at any time! Big providers want to stay out of trouble and bad news. They WILL disclose information even to private parties.
Sender:anonymous.12234@anonymousspeech.com is
Body Text:This is a test. 

The Right Way

Avoid sending test emails to your private email address. Instead, send a test email to mytrashmail.com, a free temporary email server.

Example: Send a test email to xxxx@mailmetrash.com. Replace the "xxxx" with anything you want. (DonaldDuck124@mailmetrash.com, QWERT@mailmetrash.com, blabliblu@mailmetrash.com)

Then go to www.mytrashmail.com and use the temporary email textbox by typing your used email address. (See picture to your right) 

Please Note: You do not need any prior sign-up, login or password to do this. Also make sure you delete the message on myTrashmail.com for privacy reasons.