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Secure Anonymous Surfing  

Anonymous Email - Legal Facts

This page provides an overview about legal issues when dealing with anonymous email. If you have further questions, please visit our Anonymous Email FAQ or contact AnonymousSpeech directly.

Laws regarding anonymous email differ from country to country; this is also true for other internet related technologies. Our servers are always located in countries which have either no communication law in place or with outstanding privacy protection laws.

Our servers are constantly moving in different countries (Malaysia, Japan, Panama, etc.) and are always outside the US and Europe.

This is a great security advantage for our customers since it makes it more troublesome if not impossible for any prosecutors to start a legal dispute.

Legal Protection Insurance

Although the right to stay anonymous is adopted by the United Nations, any private or legal person can demand information about an anonymous publisher at any time for any reason.

Unlike conventional communication providers, AnonymousSpeech.com protect its customers privacy and anonymity not only technically but also legally.

To fully guarantee our customers legal anonymity, AnonymousSpeech.com is insured with a legal protection insurance, which protects all data and the entire business. This allows us to fight exhaustive and expensive legal battles without the risk of bankruptcy.

The facts that AnonymousSpeech.com does not store any personal information together with the financial stability and legal protection insurance already scares of most civil law suits right away.

Please note that only paid memberships enjoy our full protection. If you have not updated your account yet, please do so now.

FAQ - Legal Protection Insurance 

Q: Can AnonymousSpeech protect me from a being subpoenaed in the US or Europe?

A: Absolutely! Any lawyer in the United States or the European Union can send a subpoena to your local communication provider. However, sending a subpoena directly overseas does not work, since it is not legally valid.

Q: I could not find any information in your terms regarding the legal protection insurance. Is there a contract between me and AnonymousSpeech  in case of legal protection?

A: There is no direct legal protection contract between you and AnonymousSpeech. Instead we pay an annual fee to protect our business which includes all your data on our server as well. This way we can keep membership cost relatively low and keep our terms without any specail agreements to be made.

Offshore Servers

Our servers are constantly moving (Malaysia, Japan, Panama, etc.) and are ALWAYS outside the United States and Europe.

No Correspondence to Private Investigators and Foreign Governments

On average, AnonymousSpeech.com receives over 20 emails a day from private investigators whom are attempting to gather information about both emails sent from our servers and their authors.

Please Note! To be a beneficiary of our services you must hold an upgraded, a paid account.

Subpoenas won't work Overseas

The issuing of civil subpoenas in the USA and the Europe Union (EU) is not monitored by the court handling the case. Under the normal rules of discovery in civil lawsuits, parties to a suit can simply send a subpoena to anyone they believe has information that could be useful. That information doesn't even have to be relevant to the lawsuit, as long as it could possibly lead to the discovery of relevant information.

As a matter of fact, any private party can send subpoenas or ask for disclosure of information in the USA and the EU. That is why Hotmail, Yahoo, Google or any other telecommunication provider can not protect the privacy of its customers when a legal instrument like a subpoena is used.