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Secure Anonymous Surfing  

Anonymous Forum

With the anonymous forum you can discuss delicate  topics completely anonymous without the fear of compromising your identity towards others.

Both, the discussion creator and invited discussion members do not know about each others identity. AnonymousSpeech.com guarantees complete anonymity!

To make sure an anonymous discussion discussion is both, anonymous and tamper proof, following security measures have been implemented.

Security Measures

  • AnonymousSpeech.com does not store any personal information such as IP address or email address from posted discussion comments.
  • AnonymousSpeech.com does not provide any information about the anonymous discussion creator or posted comments in any way.
  • AnonymousSpeech.com protect passwords by using a salted hashed algorithm. Password are completely unreadable to anyone including AnonymousSpeech.com and impossible to hack.
  • The discussion initiator is not able to identify the origin of posted comments
  • The discussion initiator is not able to alter any comments made by other discussion members 
  • Discussion members can edit or delete their own comments at any time.

How to create an anonymous discussion

1) Go to the main menu and choose "Create Discussion". Please note, you must have a paid membership.

2) Create the discussion and set discussion settings.

3) Invite people via anonymous email.  Make sure you select the created discussion in the listbox under Anonymous Discussion

AnonymousSpeech.com adds an invitation code at the end of each sent email.

Example of Invitation Code

***Invitation code for anonymous discussion*** https://www.anonymousspeech.com/anonymous_discussion_posting.aspx? invitation=4826af78-7d88-4caf-bd4d-6e57c855cedc

What is this: https://www.anonymousspeech.com/anonymous_discussion_info.aspx

4) Supervise your discussion via the discussion list 

Should you have suggestions on how to better or further enhance the anonymous forum,  please feel free to contact us.