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  • Sales  tracked by cookies (9 month)
  • Lifetime 40% Commission 
  • Monthly payout (more then 100 € per account)
  • Payments processed via Bitcoin only

1. General Question

Q - How do you  track commisions?
A - Users are tracked with cookies, which are valid for 9 month. As soon a user signs-up, the cookie value is stored in our DB. This allows us to track your commission even the user deleted his/her cookies.

Q - How can you guarantee the lifetime commission?
A - Your ID is linked to user accounts as soon registration takes place. This means no cookies are needed anymore to track your commission. Anytime a users renews its account (after one year) , your account is automatically credited with our commission.

Q - Can I promote your program via Email marketing?
A - Absolutely NOT! You are only allowed to promote us via your website. At no time we accept any email marketing promotion.

Q - I am a current customer of your services. Can I get a commision?
A - No. Customers are not allowed to use our program except linking to us from a content related website.

2. Commision

Q - When and how do I get paid?
A - We credit your Bitcoin address  every month if your commission exceeds 100€. If you have not reached this total, your commission will rolled over to the next month.

Q - Do I have to pay tax on my commission earned?

A - Any commission earned is classified as income and therefore may be subject to tax depending on your individual situation.

3. How do I start earning money?

Q - How do I get my banners and code?
A - Once you have joined click on the 'Banner & Links' menu  to receive your ID and link text.

Q - What do I do with the banners and code?
A - Simply cut and paste the whole code (located in the square text boxes ) into whatever software you are using to design your site. You then need to upload the web page onto your server and the banners will appear on your site.